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Omicron Variant Alert, Never Ignore These Things To Avoid Omicron And Covid-19 Health Tips

Omicron Variant: Coronavirus is once again troubling people in India. So far, thousands of patients have come under the grip of the new variant Omicron of this dangerous virus. At the same time, the cases of Corona are seen increasing continuously. Cases are increasing rapidly in almost every state of the country, due to which restrictions like weekend curfew and night curfew have also been imposed in many states.

But in the midst of all this, if we want to keep ourselves and our family safe from the Omicron variant, then we have to take care of some things and also adopt them. In such a situation, here we will tell you which things you should never ignore.

MaskWear a good and clean mask to avoid Omicron variant. Also, keep your children wearing masks as well. At the same time, while going out of the house, wear a mask in crowded places etc. Let us tell you that by wearing a mask, you can avoid Kovid-19 to a great extent.

Social Distance- If you do not take care of social distance, then you may also get infected with corona. You should keep a proper distance from each other in places like bus, metro, office, mall, shops etc. This good habit of yours can help in keeping you safe from corona.

HygieneWith the introduction of Corona, one thing is being said that wash your hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds. You can use soap for this. Wherever you go out of the house, use sanitizer. Along with this, even if you come inside from outside, use sanitizer.

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Disclaimer: ABP News does not confirm the methods, methods and claims mentioned in this article. Take these only as suggestions. Before following any such treatment/medication/diet, consult a doctor.

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