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New Year 2022 Why Is Celebrated New Year On January 1st Know About History – New Year 2022: Why is the new year on January 1? Know the reason and 365 days history

The last month of the year is going on and the new year is about to come. With the end of December 2021, the calendar of houses will change with the new date. A new month will bring a new year. Not only in any one country, but in all the countries of the world, the new year starts from the first date of January. Even though the culture of all the countries is different, the customs are different but all the countries together celebrate the New Year on the same day. Welcoming the year and wishing each other a happy new year. But have you ever wondered why the new year is celebrated only on 1 January? Or when did the tradition of celebrating the new year start? And does India also have a new year on January 1 like other countries? Let us know the history of the new year and the reason for celebrating the new year on January 1.

When did the new year start on January 1st?

The first month of January marks the beginning of the new year. Although centuries ago, the new year did not happen on January 1. New Year was celebrated on different days in different countries. Sometimes we used to celebrate New Year on 25th March and sometimes it was New Year on 25th December. But later there was a change and on January 1, the new year was celebrated. It originated in Rome, where King Numa Pompilus changed the Roman calendar. After the advent of this calendar, the new year started being celebrated on the first day of January.

how did january get its name

The month of January of the year was earlier called Janus. The name of the Roman god was Janus, after whom the month got its name. Later Janus came to be called Jan.

10 months old year

Centuries ago there were only 10 months in the Ijad calendar. Later on, there were 12 months in the year. In which apart from Janus, there was a month named Mars. Mars is the name of the god of war. Later Mars came to be called March.

Why are there only 365 days in a year?

When there were 10 months in a year, there were only 310 days in the whole year. In those days it was celebrated for 8 days in a week. However, Rome’s ruler Julius Caesar made changes to the Roman calendar, which was followed by a year of 12 months, with 365 days fixed. Caesar learned from astronomers that the Earth revolves around the Sun in 365 days and six hours. So Caesar extended the days of the year. And the year started from 1st January.


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