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mental health tips: In this online era take care of mental health with these simple tips

Being online is very important these days. This provides a great opportunity to connect, learn and share great content, but it also comes with many challenges. Social media or the internet must have made you feel stressed, jealous and lonely at some point or the other. During this your self-esteem will also get hurt. To avoid all this, here we are giving you some tips, which will energize your mental health online.

1. Avoid scrolling-
First, take into account how social media and online content is influencing your feelings, thoughts or actions. how does it make you feel? Does reading the news make you feel informed or stressed? Do you like or envy seeing pictures of your friends at a party? Do you check your phone first thing in the morning to know about breaking news? Why are you online and how does it make you feel? Identify it. It is important to remember here that everything you see online is not real.

2. Be careful-
You’ll find tons of tools and materials online that help support all aspects of mental health and wellbeing. Meditation app will help you to relax and meditate. There are also platforms that can help you develop your identity and sense of self. Make a habit of staying connected with them. There are lots of great online learning tools where you can try something new, like drawing or yoga. Plus online exercise classes can help you stay healthy and relax. Try to follow positive and inspiring content and creators of athletes, singers, writers or other young people.

3. Protect yourself as well as others-
Be sure to check the privacy settings on all your social media profiles. Turn off the webcam when not in use. Be careful when signing up for apps and services online. Especially when giving your full name, address or photo. If you are concerned about something you have seen or experienced online, you should talk to a parent or teacher. Along with this, the incident should be reported on the platform. Also seek mental health services for more support. In the meantime, you can help others by taking into account their online experiences.

4. Remember, words matter-
Share positive, helpful content with your friends, family and classmates. Also, use social media for good works. For example, you can approach someone to let them know you’re thinking of them or give a positive comment on a post they’ve shared. Take a moment to think before you react negatively to a message or post. If you see or receive messages or content that you believe to be offensive, you should block and report them. Words matter and it’s important to think carefully about what we share. We all have the power to be kind and make someone’s day.

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5. Maintain presence-
The lines between the online and offline worlds are becoming increasingly blurred. This makes it difficult to live in the present moment. Have you ever been in trouble? If yes, then post it on social media. Also call or meet your friend instead of scrolling through their stories. It is important to take periodic breaks from social media and spend time with friends and family in real life as well. Try to set realistic and personal goals, for example not picking up your phone or going online for the first hour of the day. Activities such as meditation, going for a walk, or calling a friend will help provide a similar stimulus.


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