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Makar Sankranti 2022 Mercury Retrograde In Capricorn The Factor Of Commerce And Communication Will Affect All Zodiac Signs

Makar Sankranti 2022,Mercury Retrograde 2022 :There is going to be a big stir in Capricorn on January 14, 2022. On this day the combination of three planets is going to form in Capricorn. Therefore, it will have an effect on all the zodiac signs along with the country and the world. Where the Sun is considered the king of all the planets, Saturn is the judge and Mercury is the prince. Capricorn is Saturn’s own zodiac sign. Shani Dev is considered to be the lord of this zodiac. Shani is called the son of Surya. On this day the father is coming in the sign of his son. Therefore, this transit of planets is considered very important.

Surya Sankranti 2022 (Makar Sankranti 2022)
According to the Panchang, on January 14, 2022, on Friday, the date of Dwadashi of Paush Shukla Paksha, the Sun’s zodiac will change. Sun will transit in Capricorn. When Sun enters Capricorn, it is also called Makar Sankranti. The special religious significance of this day is mentioned in the scriptures. According to the Panchang, Rohini Nakshatra will remain on this day.

On January 14, the Sun is going to enter the zodiac of his son ‘Saturn’ in Capricorn, these zodiac signs can be bat-bat

Mercury Retrograde 2022 (Mercury Retrograde)
Mercury is retrograde on Makar Sankranti. It is important for Mercury to be retrograde. In astrology, the planet Mercury has been considered as the factor of communication skills. It is also called the prince of these planets. Mercury is also said to be a benign planet. Mercury is also considered the factor of mathematics, commerce, speech, communication, logic and sense of humour. Mercury will remain retrograde in Capricorn till February 4.

Mercury retrograde results
When Mercury is retrograde, it gives both auspicious and inauspicious results. It is believed that if Mercury is auspicious in the birth chart, then it starts giving negative results when it is retrograde. Whereas Mercury is inauspicious in the horoscope of those people, when it is retrograde, Mercury starts giving auspicious results. If Mercury is retrograde in a person’s horoscope, then he becomes speechless. When Mercury is retrograde, there is a situation of injury to the tongue. Memory power is good. Along with this, the skills of people related to communication, commerce, mathematics, writing, advocacy etc. increase. On giving inauspicious results, remedies for Mercury should be taken. Worshiping Lord Ganesha removes the inauspiciousness of Mercury.

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