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Lukewarm Water Before Bed, Garam Pani Peene Ke Fayde

To keep the body healthy, everyone is advised to drink maximum amount of water. On the other hand, if water is drunk lightly, then its benefits increase manifold. Water keeps the body hydrated as well as increases urine which flushes out unnecessary toxins from the body. According to health experts, if you drink hot water daily before sleeping at night, then it can be beneficial for health in many ways.

According to studies, all people should make a habit of drinking lukewarm water instead of cold water. You can get many health benefits by drinking 1 glass of warm water before sleeping at night. Let us know about some such benefits in the following slides.

drink hot water at night

Drinking warm water before sleeping at night keeps the body hydrated and improves blood circulation. It will provide nourishment to the cells and is also considered helpful in removing toxins from the cells to refresh the body from within. Studies show that drinking lukewarm water before bed can also help reduce abdominal cramps or pain.

Beneficial for improving mood

Drinking lukewarm water before sleeping at night keeps your mood right. According to a study conducted in the year 2014, lack of water can negatively affect your mood, so by drinking more water, you can easily reduce such problems. The study found that people who drank more water in general had a calmer and more positive mood.

Metabolism is improved

Studies have found that drinking hot water speeds up your metabolism and helps you lose weight in a healthy way. Basically, hot water helps to break down the fat molecules in your diet faster, which leads to weight loss. In such a situation, you can easily get such health benefits by drinking a glass of warm water after eating food at night.

better for digestion

Drinking hot water after meals helps in digestion. Drinking hot water with digestion is also considered helpful in increasing blood flow, relaxing the muscles and reducing the toxicity of the body. Some studies have found that people who drink hot water at night are also less prone to acidity.


note: This article has been prepared on the basis of information obtained from medical reports.

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