New Delhi, Roohi Parvez. International Women’s Day 2022: The incidence of cancer among women has increased in the last few years. Even at a very young age, women have to deal with a painful disease like cancer. The two main reasons behind cancer are pollution and lifestyle changes. International Women’s Day is also being celebrated all over the world today. In such a situation, let us know from the experts what can be the reasons behind the increase in the cases of cancer in women.

Dr. Prasad Kasbekar, Consultant Surgical Oncologist, Masina Hospital, Mumbai says that two types of cancer are most commonly seen in women. One breast and the other cervical. The biggest reason behind this is the change in lifestyle. Earlier women used to do only household chores, abstaining from smoking, alcohol and tobacco use. Nowadays, doing office work with home only increases the stress. In addition, the consumption of tobacco and alcohol has also increased.

What is the reason?

Dr. Akshay Shah, Consultant Medical Hemato-Oncology and Stem Cell Transplant at Global Hospital, Mumbai, explains what could be the reasons behind the increase in cancer cases in women in the last few years:


Most of the cancers are associated with obesity, such as ovarian, cervical, breast cancer etc. Apart from this, many cancers are caused by infection, such as cervical cancer, which is caused by the human papilloma virus. To avoid this, it is necessary to take HP vaccination. The number of HIV patients is also increasing significantly, due to which the risk of getting cervical cancer increases by 6 times.

cancer promoting products

Cigarette smoking, consumption of alcohol, tobacco cause many types of cancer. Because of which breast, ovarian, lung cancer and colon cancer are increasing very rapidly in women. With new technology, our lifestyle has also changed, that is why old age now comes early and the cases of cancer are also increasing.

Breast, ovarian, cervical cancer and lung cancer are the main cancers in women, the reason behind which is also smoking. There are other cancers as well, such as head and neck cancer, which are caused by the human papilloma virus. Liver cancer is caused by hepatitis B and C. The second is gastric cancer, which is not only caused by alcohol and smoking, but also due to acidity. Obesity increases acidity and this increases the chances of getting cancer.

lack of awareness

If symptoms like small lumps are seen on the body, one should immediately consult a doctor, while people do not do this. Thinking that there will be a small lumpy lump, it will be cured by itself, homeopathic, try to cure it with ayurvedic, but it does not matter and the disease spreads. Lifestyle changes are also an important reason such as working long hours, being under stress. There has also been a change in dietary intake, which increases the chances of developing cancer.

What can we do to avoid cancer?

We should adopt a healthy lifestyle. One should exercise daily, eat green and fresh vegetables and eat more and more healthy diet.

Stay away from tobacco and alcohol consumption.

It is important to take Hepatitis-B and HPV vaccination at the right time so that the chances of getting cancer are reduced.

Screening, mammography becomes necessary after the age of 35. So that early breast cancer diagnosis can be done.

After the age of 30, Papsmear and HPV cytology should also be done. Due to which the chances of getting cervical cancer can be reduced.

To avoid and cure cancer, it is important for us to be aware, so that we can diagnose and treat early.

Edited By: Ruhee Parvez