In order to control the weight, we have to avoid many things of choice. But those who are very fond of eating, they are not able to keep distance from these things for a long time. They wonder what will happen if they eat a slice of pizza, a small burger or a little gajar ka halwa. These terms are called cheat meals. Which is not bad but only when you plan it properly. Let’s know how.

Cheating in limit

Instead of cheat meal once a week, you can eat it once a day. Because with this you will not have to control yourself too much and the mind will be full along with the stomach. Dedicating an entire day to cheat day is not good for your own health and fitness routine. Even if you have to eat one time, you have to keep its limit fixed.

don’t starve yourself too much

By deciding the day of cheat meal, most of the people do intense workout before that and starve themselves so that they can enjoy their favorite thing to the fullest, which is very wrong way and very harmful for health. This is because hunger leads to overeating. Overeating not only helps in increasing obesity but also has many other disadvantages.

Decide what to eat beforehand

One day a week cheat meal people go to a restaurant and order whatever looks good, regardless of calories and sugar, and regret it the next day. So to avoid this regret, it is better that you think in advance that if you have to eat outside, then what to eat. If this remains in the mind, then overeating will not happen.

Pic credit– freepik

Edited By: Priyanka Singh