New Delhi, Lifestyle Desk. It is only on the strength of hard work and dedication that one can achieve the title of Miss Universe. Yes, we are talking about Harnaaz Sandhu, who recently won the title of Miss Universe 2021. Harnaaz, a resident of Chandigarh, is 21 years old. Talking about the figure of Harnaaz, she has achieved her beautiful figure with a lot of dedication and hard work. Seeing the figure of Harnaaz, girls want a figure like him. But you know that Harnaaz has made her beautiful figure with the help of few exercises.

Harnaaz has followed a special routine to maintain her figure. She has included pushups, skipping, yoga in her workout which is extremely helpful in achieving her svelte figure. If you also want a beautiful figure like Harnaaz, then make some important exercises a part of your workout. Let us know by which exercises you can get a figure like Miss Universe.


Stretching is done before or after an exercise session which people consider to be part of an exercise routine. Stretching removes the stiffness of the body, as well as relieves tension and pain. This exercise also keeps your mind calm. This gives flexibility to the body and also reduces the risk of injury during workouts. Harnaaz does exercises like neck stretch, shoulder roll and leg raise during stretching.

battle rope exercise

Battle rope exercise is very important for full body exercise. This exercise burns body fat. In this, flexible waves are made with the help of ropes, which help in strengthening the arms as well as the shoulders. Like Harnaaz, you can also burn your fat by doing this exercise.

Treadmill Exercise:

Harnaaz definitely runs on the treadmill daily for her beautiful figure. Running on the treadmill daily burns bad fat, as well as strengthens the muscles. Treadmill is a great cardio exercise that strengthens the heart.

Lunges Exercises:

Harnaaz’s workout routine also includes lunges exercises. This exercise helps in maintaining body balance. This strengthens the legs, hamstrings and glutes.

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Edited By: Shahina Noor