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If you have a habit of chewing nails then get rid of these tips | If you have a habit of biting nails, then get rid of these tips in a pinch

New Delhi. You must have noticed that many people have a habit of biting their nails. Let us tell you that if you also do this then this habit is very dangerous. This habit also has a name, onychophagia. Many people adopt this habit in childhood and this habit increases with age. Let us know why some people fall into this bad habit and what is the best way to get rid of it.

Why do nails chew?

Many people try to keep themselves busy by biting their nails when they are bored, or disappointed with something. Some people chew them to concentrate while some people chew them to give a smaller shape to the nails. In some cases, people also start biting nails due to mental problems like ADHD, depressive disorder, anxiety disorder.

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Keep nails short and clean

If you take proper care of your nails, then you will not need to chew your nails. For this, do a manicure regularly. If you keep your nails short, then you will also get rid of the habit of chewing it.

apply nail polish

Apply some bitter flavored nail polish on the nails. Most of the nail paints are bitter in taste. When you apply nail polish to your nails and put those nails in your mouth, you feel a strange taste. In this way you will stop biting your nails.

chew something instead of a nail

Many people have a habit that they have something in their mouth to chew, but when it is not there, they start chewing their nails. If this is the case with you too, then always keep chewing things like chewing gum, lollipops or carrots with you.

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wearing gloves

If you have a habit of biting your nails too much, then wear gloves in your hands. Although this is only a temporary solution, you can wear cotton gloves so that you do not bite your nails.

Get rid of this habit like this

In this regard, doctors also advise that prevent yourself from biting the nail of only one finger at a time. Like first you stop biting your thumb nails, then second finger, then third and finally you will see that your habit of biting nails is completely over.


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