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How to Clean children’s food utensils kee

Parenting Tips: For every couple, becoming a parent is the most beautiful and the happiest feeling. But every moment is full of challenges for the couple who have become new parents. Taking care of the child’s health, its diet and its maintenance becomes the first responsibility of the parents. By the time the child is not six months old, there is less worry about his food and drink. But as soon as you start giving food to the child, many issues related to his health start bothering him. The most important of these is whether the utensils in which the food is being given to the child are clean or not, or how to clean them? Knowing all these things is very important for new parents. This does not harm your child’s health.

It would not be wrong to say that cleanliness is the only thing that keeps health right. Meaning health and cleanliness always go together in seven. It is better than getting medicine that we pay attention to cleanliness.

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clean like this
First wash the utensils with baby bottle/bowl wash (liquid cleanser) or dish washing bar/liquid, then rinse thoroughly with water.
Put the pot in a pan and add water until it is well submerged and let the water come to a boil.
Babies are at higher risk of infection from feeding utensils. Because its bottle is packed and it is a little difficult to wash it. The best way for this is to boil the bottle in hot water to disinfect it. Keep in mind that whenever you want to feed the baby, clean that bottle thoroughly with boiling water. Do this process till the child is one year old. We just need to be more careful about the more sensitive little ones. For babies 4-6 months old, you will need to sterilize (boil in water) before each use. Sterilize only once a week after completion of 6 months. After completion of 7 months, whenever you use utensils outside while traveling, sterilize them. This is not required for silverware as silver has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

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Whenever you are about to blend baby food, first of all wash the jar of the mixer thoroughly. Of course, you can see the jar of the mixer clearly, but the visible dirt remains in it.
For this, first you take water in a bowl. Now put it in a jar and run the mixer. You will see that the water has become dirty. Repeat this process until you see clear water. Now you can mix baby food in it.

effect of infection
If children’s utensils are not cleaned, then they face many problems. Such as diarrhoea, sore throat, vomiting and sometimes infection leads to fever.

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