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Houseplants Three plants that remove dust and will help keep your home clean. No matter what happens, dust cannot enter the house; When these three plants will be planted in pots

New Delhi: There is a problem of dust in every house and it is not possible to get rid of it all the time. In such a situation, if we plant such plants in our pots which can absorb the dust, then what is the matter.

The leaves of these plants are special

There was a study in China in 2015 that the leaves of some plants are made in such a way that they can collect things like dust on their surface.

Rubber plant is a panacea to remove pollution inside the house

The first of these plants is rubber plants whose leaves have a waxy surface. These leaves absorb the pollution present in the air inside the house. NASA has also said in a study that rubber plant is most suitable for removing pollution indoors. The large leaves of this plant collect more and more dust on themselves. By cleaning these plants daily, the ‘dust collecting efficiency’ of the plant can be increased.

English ivy plant absorbs moisture and humidity from the air

The second plant is English ivy, all varieties of which are good at collecting dust. They absorb moisture and humidity from the air. It is very effective in stopping the growth of moss. This is a native plant which is easily available and it is also easy to plant.

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Spider plant eliminates 90% of the toxic things in just two days

The third plant is the spider plant or spider plant. Spider plants do not have broad leaves like rubber plants but the mass of their leaves makes them a great choice for dust gathering. Spider plants can eliminate about 90 percent of the toxins in a room in the course of just two days. Spider plants are also good at purifying the air and removing moisture from the air.

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