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Health Tips, Women Should Do This Yoga Daily In Winter And Yoga For Women

Yoga for Women: Doing yoga is very beneficial not only physically but also mentally or it can be said that yoga keeps both body and mind healthy. On the other hand, simple practice of asanas can not only help in keeping your body fit but also helps in controlling the mind and balancing your emotions and life. At the same time, yoga also keeps away anxiety and stress, due to which you feel more relaxed. We will tell you here which yogasanas you should do in winter. Let’s know.

PawanmuktasanaOur body accumulates all kinds of animals. When he is released, there is a feeling of peace and relaxation. Practicing this asana removes bloating and provides relief from indigestion and constipation. This asana is a panacea for stomach related problems.

DhanuvakrasanaThis asana puts pressure on the abdominal part because while doing it, your whole body is balancing on the navel part. Your entire spine is arched. Therefore, it greatly increases the flexibility of your spine. Along with this, it opens your chest, neck, and shoulders and tones the muscles of the legs and arms.

handstandThis asana brings both the extremities together and stretches the muscles around the major joint of the hips. It also affects the waist and helps in flexibility and toning of the lateral muscles. It also helps in improving your balance and concentration.

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