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Have you doubt for corona infected Do this will get help| If there is a doubt of getting infected with corona, leave everything and do this work first!

New Delhi: With new variants, Corona is spreading its feet again in the country and the world. In such a situation, if we feel the symptoms of corona or suspect ourselves to be corona infected, then we should immediately take some measures so that this challenge can be dealt with in time.

see a doctor immediately

First of all, if you have the slightest doubt that you have come under the grip of corona, then you should see a doctor as soon as possible. So that this infection can be checked in time. For the correct identification of corona, it is necessary that its test should be done.

isolate yourself

On the other hand, isolate yourself immediately. Because corona virus is an infection virus. It is believed that if an infected person is sneezing or sneezing without putting a handkerchief on his mouth, then the chances of spreading it can be high. In such a situation, if you have come in contact with such people, then you have to take special care of yourself.

Do not hide the matter of getting infected

Apart from this, if you had an infection, you should not hide it from the people around you at all. Because by doing this, people who came in contact with you can also get into trouble. Advise them to get corona test done. Many times, in most cases, a corona infected person suffers from fever, cough, tiredness and sore throat. In such a situation, these symptoms increase in many cases. These symptoms can be controlled by taking care of yourself in time.

take a rest

If you feel weak, then you should not work at all in such a situation because due to such infection, there will be weakness in your body, due to which you will have to take maximum rest. Also, more and more green vegetables will have to be consumed. This will help your body fight the infection.

keep yourself hydrated

You have to keep yourself hydrated when you feel the symptoms of infection. Due to this, balance remains in your body and your body will be ready to fight the infection. Keep drinking water from time to time, which will keep your body hydrated. If possible, you can also include juice in your diet. That is, it is very important to be careful in the cases of corona.

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