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Ginger is such an amazing thing that it makes even a 51 year old woman hot, this is proof. Hindi News, Lifestyle

Benefits of Ginger: Gina Stewart, a resident of Queensland, Australia, is 51 years old. She is the mother of 4 young children and the grandmother of one child. Despite this, well-known models also fill water in front of their beauty and figure.

very beautiful even at the age of 51

Gina Stewart, who is called ‘World’s Hottest Grand Mother’, often posts photos on her Instagram account. In which no one can guess his real age by looking at his body fitness. She herself has revealed the secret of how she remains so slim-trim and beautiful even after 50 years.

drink ginger water

According to the report of Daily Star, Gina told that the secret of her beauty and perfect figure is Ginger. She consumes hot water mixed with ginger several times a day. She says that ginger has amazing power to reduce weight and keep the digestive system good.

Excess lactic acid is removed from the body

They say that ginger is a great antispasmodic. Due to which the body gets 60 types of minerals and 30 amino acids due to its consumption. With its regular consumption, the throat remains completely clean and mental stress goes away. By using ginger, the extra lactic acid in the body comes out through urine.

Increases immunity

The body’s immunity increases with the consumption of ginger, which is called the world’s hottest grandmother. It has anti viral, anti bacterial and anti parasitic ability. Eating ginger through food or water helps the body in stress management. This increases the production capacity of B12 vitamin in the body.

Do exercises daily

Gina Stewart says that she drinks hot water mixed with ginger every day. This drink eliminates the fat formed on their waist, butt and thighs. Due to which, despite being 51 years old, she looks so beautiful and slim-trim. She also does not forget to tell that along with the consumption of ginger, eating healthy food and doing regular exercise is also very important for the body.

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scientific investigation proved

This point of Gina Stewart has also been supported by the New York Academy of Sciences. The academy said that ginger has tremendous ability to eliminate obesity, diabetes, heart attack and other diseases. Its regular use brings benefits instead of harm to the body. Therefore, if you also want to keep yourself fit and slim, then you can connect with ginger today.

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