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Fashion Tips Women Winter Sweater Name And Design Trends In Bollywood

Everyone wears sweaters in winter. Which includes different styles and designs. But when it comes to the name of the design of all these sweaters, very few girls are aware of it. The names of these sweaters that come in different designs are also special. If you too have only heard about turtle neck sweater or cardigan so far, then know that there are so many types of sweaters. Know the names and designs of all these sweaters in the next slide.


You must have known about the cardigan sweater. Most of the moms like to wear this type of sweater. The trend of these sweaters from simple to front buttoned and full sleeved is never ending. However, many designs come in these cardigans as well.

turtle neck

Deepika Padukone has been seen in a turtle neck sweater for the past few days. Since then they are being liked among girls. In this type of sweater, the neck is completely covered and it folds at the bottom. Turtleneck sweater is also called roll neck sweater and polo neck.

pullover sweater

These sweaters with round neck are most liked in winters. It does not have any buttons and gives a very classy look with jeans etc. At the same time, they are also successful in protecting them from the cold.

crew neck sweater

Crew neck sweaters are round neckline and without collar. Their design makes it very comfortable as well as giving it a casual look. You can easily carry a crew neck sweater in a formal look.


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