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Facial in Winters know how to take care Skin for beautiful face| Keep these things in mind while getting facials done in winter, the glow of the face will not fade

New Delhi: Facial in WintersTo maintain the beauty of the face, women definitely do facials once a month. So that their skin remains young and beautiful, but before getting facials in winter, they also had to think more. First, there is a cold and secondly there are many changes in the skin in winter. In such a situation, if you are also going to get a facial in winter, then you have to pay special attention because in winter the skin becomes lifeless and dry. Actually, this happens because after the facial the skin is not taken care of properly. So let’s know what things should be kept in mind after getting a facial in winter, so that your beauty will remain intact.

choosing the right facial

In increasing age, we often get to see many problems related to the skin. Apart from acne and pimples, women struggle with many problems like dead skin. All these affect the skin badly. In such a situation, women often get facials done to deal with these problems. Actually, it is believed that facial tightens the skin, which makes you look young and beautiful. However, even after the facial, special care has to be taken of the face. So for the most part, let us tell you that not everyone’s skin is the same. At the same time, normal or oily skin also starts drying in the winter season, so choose the same facial, which is suitable for your skin. Avoid doing any kind of experiments.

Before facial, tell the skin problem to the beautician

Most facial kits are said to have vitamin E and antioxidant properties, which work to nourish your skin. In such a situation, both the ingredients are important to keep the skin healthy in winter. Due to the loss of moisture in winter, the skin starts itching, in such a situation, facial works to hydrate. Tell the beautician to tell the problem related to the skin before the facial. Only after that complete the further process. So that keeping in mind your problem, your beautician will do your facial.

Do not do this work at all after getting facials

After getting the facial done, do not make the mistake of sitting in the hot sun at all. After getting facials done several times, the beautician finally uses a serum, so that the skin remains hydrated. In such a situation, till it is not absorbed in the skin, do not leave the parlor.

Apart from this, do not apply face wipes, face pack, face mask after getting facial in winter. Do not do this for at least two days. If the face looks oily after the facial, then wash it with normal water after 4 hours. At the same time, after a day, you can clean your face with face wash.

Also, get the threading done 2 days before the facial, you may have problems of burning and itching due to threading after the facial. Also, do not make the mistake of scrubbing after facial. There is no need to scrub for at least 4 days.


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