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Drinks To Lower Cholesterol Level, How Green Tea Is Good For Health

High cholesterol levels can affect health in many ways. According to health experts, high cholesterol increases the risk of heart disease. Cholesterol is actually a waxy substance that the body uses to make cells and hormones. There are mainly two types of cholesterol, high density lipoprotein (HDL) and density lipoprotein (LDL). An increased level of cholesterol increases the risk of a variety of serious health conditions, such as stroke or heart attack.

According to health experts, we all should increase the amount of things in our diet that can reduce the level of cholesterol. For this some beverages have been found to be particularly beneficial in studies. According to experts, not only can cholesterol levels be controlled by consuming these beverages, but they can also be beneficial for health in many other ways. Let us know about this in the next slides.

Green tea consumption is beneficial

Health experts consider the consumption of green tea to be particularly beneficial for the body. Green tea contains catechins and other antioxidant compounds that help reduce bad LDL and increased cholesterol levels. One done on rats in the year 2015 Study Scientists in the U.S. found catechins and epigallocatechins to be very beneficial in reducing cholesterol levels.

tomato juice

According to health experts, tomatoes have been found to be particularly beneficial in reducing cholesterol levels. Tomato juice contains a compound called lycopene, which can lower bad cholesterol by improving lipid levels. Tomato juice is also known to be rich in cholesterol-lowering fiber and niacin. one of the year 2015 Study found that 25 women who drank 280 ml of tomato juice daily for 2 months experienced a reduction in blood cholesterol levels.

cocoa drink

Cocoa is the main ingredient in dark chocolate. It contains antioxidants called flavanols that can improve cholesterol levels. one of the year 2015 Study The study found that consuming a 450 mg beverage containing cocoa flavanols twice daily for 1 month could reduce bad LDL cholesterol levels while increasing good cholesterol levels. Cocoa contains high levels of monounsaturated fatty acids, which may also help improve cholesterol levels.


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