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Dreams Meaning In Hindi these 5 dreams give indication of upcoming troubles according to Swapan shastra

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Meaning In Hindi


  • Know which dreams give a sign of unhappiness
  • Such dreams are considered inauspicious

Often people talk to each other that yesterday I saw that thing in a dream or I was roaming somewhere. There are many such things, which we often see in dreams. But these dreams remain only in the mind as a question, because we do not know the answer to them. To answer your same questions, it has been explained in detail in the dream scripture.

dream science According to this, a lot can be known about a person’s life or his future from the things seen in the dream. Some such dreams have been told in Sapna Shastra. If a person sees these dreams, then he has to face some trouble in the coming time.

falling wall

Seeing a wall falling or a fallen wall in a dream is an inauspicious sign. According to the dream scripture, if you have such a dream, then you may suffer loss of money, loss of prestige.

see owl
If you see owl in your dream then it is a sign of trouble for you. According to the dream scripture, it is believed that seeing an owl in a dream means that you may have to face financial problems in the coming time.

watching people eat
If you see many people eating food in your dream, then understand that it is very inauspicious for you. According to the dream scriptures, to see such a dream is to get the news of the demise of a close person or something untoward.

watching trees cut down
If you see trees being cut in your dream, then understand that you may suffer financial loss in the coming time. Along with this, the health of the elderly will also be adversely affected.

see the procession
If you see a procession in your dream, it is considered inauspicious. According to the dream scripture, if you see someone’s procession in a dream, then it indicates a loss of money in the coming time. You may get some bad news.


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