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Dream meaning in Hindi what does it mean when you dream about the temple Diya house market according to Swapna shastra

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Dream meaning in Hindi w


  • Dreaming in the morning gives immediate results
  • Know what is the meaning of the things seen in the dream

According to the dream science, the things seen in the dream definitely have some meaning. It gives a lot of clues about a person’s life or his future.

According to the scriptures, it is believed that if dreams are seen in the first prahar of the night, then it gives auspicious results in a year. On the other hand, if seen in the second prahar, it gives good or bad results within nine months. Similarly, dreaming in the third part of the night gives results in three months. Along with this, if a person had a dream in the fourth prahar, then he would get the results immediately in a month and when the night is over, then within ten days after dreaming at that time and in the morning i.e. in the morning. There are receipts.

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Some such dreams have been told in Sapna Shastra. If you see any of these dreams then your every work can be proved. With this, your luck can be on the seventh heaven.

flame sight

If the flame of any lamp is seen in the dream, then understand that you are going to get auspicious results.

big palace or house
If you are seeing a big palace or a big house in your dream, then understand that this fame and happiness and prosperity are going to be achieved soon.

People with this radix will get immense benefits in business this year, Maa Lakshmi’s grace will be there.

climbing himself on the temple or pagoda
If you are allowing yourself to climb stairs in a temple or pagoda in a dream, then understand that in the coming time you will get happiness and prosperity with success.

bangles of any color
If in a dream you see a shop wearing a bangle in the hands of a woman, then understand that you are going to get auspicious results.

market yourself
If you see yourself in a market in a dream, then understand that the time has come to remove your poverty. You are going to get happiness and prosperity soon.


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