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Do you also feel that the phone rings? get rid of this bad habit | Do you also feel that the phone rings? get rid of this habit

New Delhi: Nowadays is the age of internet. We spend most of our 24 hours on social media. Due to this people get addicted to the phone. People check their phones again and again. Sometimes it seems that the phone is kept on vibration and is ringing or there is a repeated ringing of the phone and when you go to pick up the phone, there is no call on the phone? If so, then it can also be a sign of some mental problem.

Do you hear the phone ringtone again and again?

Repeatedly hearing phone ringtone or feeling of vibration is not a matter of ignoring but ‘Phantom Vibration Syndrome’ (Phantom Vibration Syndrome) or may also be the beginning of a mental problem called ‘ringingity’. People suffering from this syndrome often feel that their phone is ringing. Whereas in reality it is not playing. Experts believe that people who suffer from this disease, they start sweating and restlessness due to lack of updates or messages on the phone.

alarm for youth

Doctors believe that symptoms like repeated phone rings or vibrations, or checking messages repeatedly are most visible in people between the ages of 25 and 40. So this is an alarm for our young generation.

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can have serious consequences

If this habit is not taken care of in time, then its serious consequences can be seen. In fact, people who use more mobile phones often feel as if they or any mobile around them is vibrating again and again due to rustle in clothes or muscle cramps. But after checking it turns out that it was their misunderstanding.

Because of this there is such a feeling

In fact, in Phantom Vibration Syndrome, the brain thinks or feels things that are not actually there. This is mostly seen when our phone is on vibration and suddenly it vibrates for some reason. After this, we may be busy with any work, but such beliefs keep swirling in our mind that if our phone vibrates, then we may not be able to pick it up, that is why we check the phone again and again.

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Because of this there are more such problems

It is worth noting that most of the people who have this syndrome have such an impression.

  • There may be a feeling of ringing again and again even in case of excessive talking on the phone or waiting impatiently for a call or message.

  • People who are chatting on the phone with friends all the time have more confusion because in such a situation they feel emotionally insecure in the slightest loneliness.

  • Addiction to phone or texting can also be a reason for this.

  • People who are nervous about talk have more such impressions.

use these remedies

To avoid this syndrome, take care of some special things and bring some changes in your habits.

  • Turn off your mobile notifications. With this, your attention will not go to the phone again and again.

  • Turn off your phone data for a few hours.

  • Set yourself a target and till then keep your distance from the phone.

  • Do not create your profile on every social site.

  • Give special time to your people instead of phone.

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