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coronavirus omicron variant Tulsi Kadha recipe and benefits | Make basil decoction in this way, immunity will be strong; Sore throat will go away in minutes

Tulsi Kadha Recipe: The cases of the Omicron variant of the corona virus are increasing rapidly, in such a situation it is important that you keep the immunity strong and for this, pay special attention to the diet. Consuming a decoction of basil to prevent infection will also benefit you.

The medicinal properties present in basil leaves protect you from many diseases. This will strengthen the immunity. On the other hand, if you have a problem of cold and cough, then the decoction of basil will give you relief in this too. It removes the problem of infection, soreness, mucus and heaviness in the throat. Know the right way to make basil decoction-

how to make a decoction

Boil basil, black pepper, clove, liquorice, dry ginger, bay leaf, jaggery and put all these things together in a glass of water. When this water becomes one fourth, then turn off the gas. This quantity is enough for one person. However, if you are giving this decoction to children, then only two teaspoons of it will be enough. This decoction will boost immunity and remove sore throat. Keep in mind that people who have acidity problems should not drink this decoction.

Do not throw gooseberry seeds, use this way; Benefits are so many that can’t even imagine

You will get these benefits

The decoction of basil will keep the digestion right. The anti-inflammatory properties of black pepper, basil, dry ginger and cloves present in it will benefit you. Tulsi has anti-microbial properties, which gives you benefits. This will increase immunity and you will avoid any kind of infection. This decoction gives relief to the throat in case of cold or flu.


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