The snowfall and rain on the mountains have increased the cold due to which people are facing problems in their daily work and their health is also getting affected. Due to the severe cold, the number of patients of brain stroke and heart has started increasing in hospitals. Meaning the cold is dominating both the heart and the mind. In such a situation, patients of blood pressure, heart and diabetes need to be especially vigilant. Let us know what other precautions will be useful in this regard.

It is important to recognize brain stroke

Sudden weakness in hands and feet

– Curvature on one side of the face, tongue twitching

– Sweating with severe headache, fainting

What to do if symptoms appear

If you see symptoms of brain stroke or heart attack, reach the hospital immediately.

Identify those hospitals which have the facility of endography and CT scan.

– Golden hours for the patient of brain stroke, the first 4 hours and for the heart patient, the first one hour is most important.What to keep in mind during winter

Patients with blood pressure and high diabetes should take special precautions. Get the dosage set by your physician.

Do not get up from the bed suddenly in the morning and go outside. Let the body adjust to the environment for a while.

– Drink lukewarm water. Take a bath with the same water.

Do not go out for morning walk very early in the morning. Go on a sunny day.

Do not take off the elderly warm clothes for a long time.

If you are riding a two wheeler, then definitely wear a helmet.

– Make arrangements to avoid the wind.

By taking special care of all these things, the risk of brain stroke can be avoided to a great extent. So follow all these things.

Pic credit- freepik

Edited By: Priyanka Singh