Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Jobs opportunities may increase in the new year 2022, companies are ready to recruit employees

The year 2022 can bring new possibilities for people looking for jobs. Amidst the risks of the epidemic, the rapid increase in economic activity, companies are running with a positive outlook due to increase in business revenue, which is expected to create new employment opportunities in the new year. Although responsible for the Kovid-19 epidemic Concerns have risen about Omicron, a new form of the coronavirus, but companies believe that the boom in the job market could be key for better days to come. But for this it is necessary that the process of economic revival is not affected much by the third wave of the epidemic. Economic activity in the first half of 2020 was severely affected by the first wave of the pandemic. This had a negative impact on both the formal and informal sectors of the job market. The challenges associated with the pandemic are not over yet, but with the passage of time, the employment outlook is now looking more positive.

“Omicron or not, we have strong reasons to believe that the days of complete shutdown are over,” says A Balasubramanian, business head (consumer and health care) at TeamLease Services, a job market watchdog. Be it employers or government organizations, everyone has realized that a right balance has to be struck between life and livelihood. The trend of employees returning to the office is gaining momentum and companies are very optimistic about their recruitment plans. Apart from strong economic growth, this has also been accelerated by rising consumption levels and increased coverage of vaccination. Nitya Vijayakumar, Senior Consultant, SHRM India, says, “We are seeing an uptick in private equity investments and M&A deals.

Looking at the shortage of skilled talent as the pace of vaccination increases, the employment scenario is expected to remain bright in the year 2022.” Companies and startups are very excited about new recruits. According to ManpowerGroup’s employment outlook survey, the hiring sentiment in the January-March quarter is the highest in the last eight years. About 49 per cent of companies in India are planning new recruits during this period. According to this survey, the recruitment sentiment has improved by five per cent as compared to the previous quarter as against 43 per cent growth over the same period a year ago. As far as the recruitments in the March quarter are concerned, specialization and specialization are concerned. There will be more demand for employees with such skills.

Siddharth Gupta, CEO, Mercar Metal, says, “The key issue of recruitment in 2022 will be specialist roles. Finding the right people for the specific role will be on the lookout for the right candidates.” According to Gupta, the large-scale resignations during the pandemic and the process of digitization have changed the way work is defined forever. Moreover, the days of measuring productivity on the basis of hours worked are also a thing of the past.



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