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Highest Paying Jobs: These are the 5 jobs during the Corona period, in which salary up to Rs 70,00,000 will be available every year

Highest Paying Jobs: Digital transformation was seen in companies after the Corona epidemic. Companies have increasingly had to take their work online. In such a situation, he had to face many challenges. Now to solve this problem, many organizations have recruited professionals working in the positions of Data Scientist, Data Analytics, AI, Blockchain, Cloud Computing, Cyber ​​Security, Digital Marketing and Product Management.

It would not be wrong to say that the demand for candidates of these profiles is going to increase in the market in the coming times. Let us know about these posts and how much salary you will get in future.

1. Data Scientists

With companies going digital and dealing with huge amounts of data, the demand for data scientists is increasing rapidly. According to the report of ‘Indeed’, the demand for data scientists has increased by 29 percent.

The annual salary of a Data Scientist in India is Rs 5-7 lakh at the entry level, Rs 12-15 lakh at the mid-level and Rs 21-25 lakh at the senior level.

2. Cyber ​​Security Specialists

Due to the digital transformation, security of data and digital assets has become a priority today. In such a situation, the demand for cyber security specialist is increasing in the market.

The starting salary package of a cyber security specialist in India is Rs 6 lakhs, Rs 10-12 lakhs at mid-level and Rs 30-40 lakhs at senior level.

3. Cloud Engineers and Architects

Cloud is the future of all organizational and consumer operations. The demand for Cloud Software Engineers, Cloud Architects and Cloud Infrastructure Engineers is also increasing rapidly in the industry.

According to a recent report by International Data Corporation (IDC), India’s public cloud services market will reach $10.8 billion by 2025.

In cloud computing, candidates earn Rs 6-8 lakh at entry level, Rs 10-12 lakh at mid level and Rs 30 lakh at senior level annually. Some of the domain experience experts are earning 70 lakhs per year.

4. Product Managers

The demand for Product Manager is also increasing rapidly. He is often seen as a mini-CEO who is responsible for launching and updating product features.

According to PayScale, the average salary of a Product Manager in India is Rs 17,41,318 per annum and with experience the salary can go up to 20 lakhs per annum.

5. Full Stack Developers

Recent reports show that the demand for full-stack developers has increased by 20 percent in India.

Professionals with front-end and back-end development, version control systems, coding skills, cloud and database skills as well as Python, Java, CSS, RubyonRails and other coding languages ​​can expect high-paying jobs from startups.

In which an annual salary of Rs 5-6 lakh can be found at the entry level, Rs 8-10 lakh at the mid level and Rs 10-12 lakh at the senior level.



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