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Who is Poonam Pandey dating after separating from Sam Bombay? Actress told – Poonam Pandey dating someone after separation with Sam Bombay actress reveals tmov

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  • Katrina is Poonam Pandey’s inspiration
  • Actress separated from Sam

Actress and model Poonam Pandey has come in the headlines these days due to many things. In a recent interview, Poonam Pandey spoke openly on relationship status, inspiration and separation from Sam Bombay. Along with this, she told who is the person she is dating these days. Poonam Pandey was also spotted at Mumbai airport a few days back.

Poonam Pandey said this thing
Poonam Pandey said in a conversation with Tele Talk that I do not see myself dating anyone for the coming five years. If I get a Mr. Right, I want something like Vicky Kaushal and Katrina Kaif’s love story. Let us tell you that Poonam Pandey has recently separated from husband Sam Bombay. Sam was accused of domestic violence by Poonam Pandey. Along with this, she was also admitted to the hospital.

During the conversation, Poonam Pandey was also asked about her inspiration. He said that my inspiration is Katrina Kaif. Where she comes from, she has made a huge name for herself. Everyone loves them and adore them. I hope that I also work so hard and reach the top like him. I just want to marry the right person.

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Poonam Pandey is taking therapy these days. In fact, after separating from Sam Bombay, she went into trauma, after which she had to resort to therapy. Sam Bombay was arrested by the police, but later Poonam Pandey gave him a second chance and Sam came out on bail. Sam did the same things again for the second time, after which Poonam Pandey decided to leave Sam. The second time when Sam raised his hand on Poonam Pandey, she had a severe head injury.


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