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Which side will Rakesh Tikait sit in the election? On the question, the farmer leader gave some such answer

Rakesh Tikait said in an interview that Hindu, Muslim and Jinnah, three things are on their agenda, but now the public has understood.

Even after the end of the farmers’ movement, Rakesh Tikait, the leader of the Bharatiya Kisan Union, is in discussion. Rakesh Tikait seems very active regarding the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections. Tikait was talking to a news channel regarding Uttar Pradesh and Punjab elections. In which the anchor asked him that people now want to know on which side Rakesh Tikait will sit, to which Rakesh Tikait replied.

Actually Rakesh Tikait had reached the program of News 18 channel. In which Anchor Pratik Trivedi asked him, ‘Look, the law is back, but people want to know on which side Rakesh Tikait will sit, because your farmers have formed a party there in Punjab.’ On this Rakesh Tikait said that some of those people of Punjab have gone on leave for 4 months. On this, the anchor immediately questioned that he has gone on leave for 4 months and will contest the elections?

Do anything if you are on vacation: On this Tikait said that tell me one thing, someone is going to your house or you take a leave from your channel, what do you do at your house during the number of days your holiday is being recommended. does not make sense. You go in kinship, you go for a holiday, these channel people ask a little. You are on leave for them, so they have also gone. Now when he comes, he will ask him.

Personal issue: In lieu of this, the anchor said that Tikait ji, you are very intelligent and such a logical person, but we take leave; So it’s not like taking a break from News18 here and joining Aaj Tak, don’t do it a little? On this, the farmer leader said that this is not the country, contesting elections in the country is a personal matter. We are neither in the United Front nor in their campaigns. The United Front is completely different.

With whom after all: At the same time, the anchor asked the leader while asking questions related to Uttar Pradesh, ‘Are you here with Yogi Adityanath ji?’ To this Tikait said, ‘No, we are not together, who told this? We are not with anyone, we will speak our words with the public.


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