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When Kapil Sharma climbed the stage and hugged Jaspinder Narula, interesting anecdote narrated – Kapil Sharma recalls incident Jaspinder Narula live performance hugging her tmov

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  • When Kapil hugged Jaspinder Narula on stage
  • Jaspinder attended the show on Lohiri

Every week a new guest comes to Kapil Sharma’s comedy show. Recently, on the occasion of Lohri, singer Jaspinder Narula came to the show. Kapil Sharma has been a big fan of Jaspinder. He welcomed Jaspinder Narula ji in the show with loud applause. Kapil Sharma said in his introduction that – When she came to the Bollywood industry, she worked in the film ‘Pyaar To Hona Hi Tha’. Now that she has come on our show, she has to be love too. Love had to happen, people loved you and we love you very much.

Kapil gave a warm welcome to Jaspinder

Jaspinder Narula asked Kapil Sharma his popular question in the very beginning, after which the whole audience started clapping. Jaspinder said- ‘Finally I have come here but I want to ask Kapil how he feels by calling me here.’ Kapil also laughs and says that he is feeling very good. Kapil jokingly said that- ‘It has been so long and you have never come to our show till now, if both of my vaccinations were waiting for the dose.’ Jaspinder says on this that- ‘Nobody has been able to win with this, sometimes in talks.’

Then Kapil Sharma also narrated an old anecdote related to Jaspinder to the fans. He said- ‘My first official meeting with Didi was on stage. See how the union of two artists is. Didi was singing in the show of CRPF. I was there too. I was not able to restrain myself. I climbed on the stage and started hugging him. The people below were astonished. They started saying that in the middle of Bharat Milap started. Jaspinder was associated with this show on the occasion of Lohri. The video of that time has been shared by Sony on its YouTube page.

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Kapil will be seen in a new style

Talking about Kapil Sharma, in a few days he will be seen in a new style on Netflix. He will be seen doing standup comedy through Kapil Sharma I’m Not Done Yet. Apart from this, a biopic movie is also going to be made on him. It has been named ‘Fankar’.


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