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Urfi Javed Airport Look: ‘Geeta’s new outfit changed as soon as she came in hand. Urfi Javed’ actress impresses users – people are praising BB OTT Fame Urfi Javed for her new look see picture tmov

Story Highlights

  • People stunned by the style of Urfi Javed
  • Bhagavad Gita in hands
  • Urfi was seen flaunting wearing a T-shirt

Nowadays only two things are in trend. The first is the new variant of the corona virus, Omicron, and the second is our alias Javed. Not a day goes by like this. When Urfi Javed is not in the discussion due to some reason. Ignore Urfi no matter how much, but for some reason or the other, she gets noticed. How many times has it happened that he has surprised people with his antics. Talking about the latest case, Urfi was seen holding Geeta in her hands. This was the teaser. You will be more surprised to know the whole story.

Urfi was seen flaunting wearing a T-shirt
Urfi Javed is always seen wearing torn clothes. That’s why it is no longer a habit to see him in full clothes. But what happened? Recently, Urfi was seen wearing a white color T-shirt. This T-shirt was not a normal T-shirt, but a T-shirt with the name of Javed Akhtar. She had written on the T-shirt that she is not the granddaughter of Javed Akhtar. Why did he write like this? To know this, click on the link given below and read the full story. Till then we continue with the next thing.

Urfi Javed’s new drama, Geeta in hand, Javed Akhtar’s name written on T-shirt, what is the reason

Dressed in a white T-shirt and black leggings, Urfi looked pretty and decent. Not only this, during this time she was also seen holding Geeta in her hands. In a single day, Urfi surprised people by doing two big things. The more important thing is that this time Urfi is getting praises and not taunts in the comments. Social media users say that Urfi is looking good in these clothes. Some people also say that she changed as soon as the Bhagavad Gita came in her hands.

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Urfi is a pro in grabbing limelight
It would not be wrong to say about Urfi that she has become quite pro in grabbing limelight. Sometimes clothes, sometimes statements. After doing something or the other, she comes in limelight. At the same time, the public also keeps a close eye on them. Urfi can do anything. It immediately goes viral on social media. However, sometimes people vent too much anger on Urfi, which is not right.

The rest is Urfi’s life. Be whatever they want, do whatever they want. What do we do with it?


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