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Twinkle Khanna Proposed By Karan Johar Film Maker Said I Like Your Moustache Actress Revealed Herself

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Twinkle Khanna was proposed by filmmaker Karan Johar. The actress had disclosed this at the time of her book launch.

Bollywood’s famous actress Twinkle Khanna has made a tremendous identity in Hindi cinema with her style. Twinkle Khanna’s last film to debut in Hindi cinema with the film ‘Barsaat’ was ‘Love ke Kuch Bhi Karega’. The actress tied the knot with Akshay Kumar in the year 2001. But there was a person in his life who loved him unilaterally. It was none other than the famous filmmaker Karan Johar, who gave his heart to the actress.

This thing related to Karan Johar was revealed by Twinkle Khanna herself at the launch of the book ‘Mrs Funnybones’. The actress told that Karan Johar’s heart had fallen on his ‘mustache’. The actress had said about this, “Karan had spoken to me about his heart and said that he loves me. I used to have mild mustaches at that time.

Talking about Karan Johar, Twinkle Khanna further said, “He used to look at my mustaches and say, ‘Yeh hot hai, I like your mustaches’.” Let us tell you that Karan Johar himself had also told that Twinkle Khanna was the only woman in his life whom he had fallen in love with.

Filmmaker Karan Johar while talking about this had said, “He made me love only one woman once in my life.” Twinkle Khanna and Karan Johar were very good friends since childhood. Karan Johar even ran away from his boarding school to meet the actress. The surprising thing is that that idea was given by none other than Twinkle Khanna herself.

Apart from this, Karan Johar’s heart was also broken once due to Twinkle Khanna. Actually, the filmmaker had offered the actress the role of ‘Tina’ in ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’, but the actress flatly refused to do it. Regarding this, he had said, “Obviously my heart was broken because he refused my debut film ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’.”



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