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The Walking Dead Fame Alicia Witt parents found dead at home police investigating tmov

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  • Alicia Witt’s parents pass away
  • police are investigating

On Monday, the parents of Hollywood actress Alicia Witt were found dead at home. Actually, his family lives in Massachusetts. Alicia Witt’s parents have been found dead at home. At this time the police is engaged in the investigation. So far no evidence has been found in his hands. Alicia Witt was trying to talk to her parents on the phone for several days, but she was not getting any answer. In such a situation, Alicia called one of her relatives and asked her to check on her parents. When relatives reached there, they saw the dead bodies and called the police.

In a conversation with AP, Alicia Witt said, “I called my cousin who lives very close to my parents’ house. I said you go and see them, they have not been answering my phone for several days and neither is their The call has come. When my cousin gave me information, my world was in ruins.”

Alicia’s statement
Alicia further said that I want to request all of you to give me some privacy. I am in shock at the moment and trying to understand what happened to me. For me this is a great sorrow and loss that I have lost. At this time the police is engaged in its investigation, with whom we are all cooperating. Let the police also do their job.

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The police said in the statement that the house has been thoroughly checked, no false evidence has been found. Neighbors say that the couple was ill for a long time and he was taking care of himself. No bad gas or leakage has been found inside the house which could lead to their death. There are no signs of trauma as well. However, the bodies of both have been sent for autopsy.


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