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The Kapil Sharma Shows Bachha Yadav aka Kiku Shardas house is very luxurious see photos

You too will be stunned to see the house of Bachha Yadav aka Kiku Sharda in ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’. Kiku’s house is very luxurious from inside.

The Kapil Sharma Show, which is coming on Sony TV, entertains the audience a lot. All the characters of the show also get a lot of love from the audience. At the same time, you must have known the character of Bachha Yadav in the show, who works to tickle everyone. Actor and comedian Kiku Sharda plays the character of Bachha Yadav. Today they do not need any identification. He is known for his comedy in every household.

Kiku Sharda has worked in different roles in many serials till now but she got the most fame from ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’. After that he became quite famous. At the same time, do you know what kind of life Bachha Yadav aka Kiku Sharda lives in real life. Kiku, who looks ordinary on TV, is quite stylish and when it comes to his house, he is no less than a palace.

Kiku Sharda has a very luxurious house in Mumbai. He lives in this house with his entire family. An ordinary person can call this house a palace. His house is very luxurious and beautiful from inside. Kiku Sharda has decorated this house very well. Every corner of it is very beautiful. The dining area of ​​Kiku’s house is well arranged and looks quite classy.

On the other hand, if you look at the drawing room of Kiku Sharda’s house, there is a big TV on one wall. A couch and a sofa are kept just in front of him. The drawing room has been decorated in a very large space.

The dining and kitchen areas can also accommodate a lot of people comfortably. Not only this, the balcony of Kiku’s house is the most beautiful. There is a splendid view from the balcony. Also, arrangements have been made to sit there. Not only this, there is a huge swimming pool outside Kiku Sharda’s house, which he is also seen enjoying. Beautiful view can also be seen from this swimming pool.

Let us tell you about Kiku Sharda’s career, even before Bachcha Yadav, he has appeared in many comedy characters. He was first seen playing the character of Hobo, ‘Hatim’. After that he was seen in the role of Mulayam Singh Gulgule in the TV serial FIR. After this he appeared in the role of Akbar in the comedy show ‘Akbar Birbal’. At the same time, he is seen in the character of Bachha Yadav in ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’.


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