Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Sushant Sinha Taunted Rahul Gandhi As He Took Credit On Booster Dose Said Whatever Happened It Happened Because Of Him

Rahul Gandhi has taken credit for welcoming the Centre’s decision of booster dose, which has been targeted by journalist Sushant Sinha.

In view of the danger of Omicron, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced to apply booster dose to health care workers from January 10. According to Prime Minister Modi, citizens with co-morbidities above 60 years of age will be given a booster dose of the vaccine on the advice of doctors. Aam Aadmi Party and Congress welcomed this decision of PM Modi. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi tweeted that the Center accepted his suggestion. Now journalist Sushant Sinha took a jibe at his tweet and said that whatever happens, happens because of him.

On the announcement of the booster dose by the Prime Minister, Rahul Gandhi had tweeted, “Central government has accepted my suggestion of booster dose. This is a right step. The protection of vaccines and boosters will have to reach the people of the country. Journalist Sushant Sinha hit out at Rahul Gandhi for taking credit.

Sushant Sinha wrote in his tweet, “What does not happen in this country does not happen because of the fascist government at the Centre. Because she does not listen to anyone and whatever happens is because of them, because suddenly the same fascist government which according to them does not listen to anyone, starts taking steps after listening to them. It’s amazing.”

Now social media users are also commenting a lot on this tweet of journalist Sushant Sinha. A user named Ravi Sisodia wrote, “When all the suggestions in the country have to be accepted by Rahul Gandhi, then the Prime Minister’s work should also be handed over to him.” A user named Sanjay Saha wrote, “Modi ji accepted the suggestion of booster dose: Rahul Gandhi. We need such V opposition leaders for 20-25 years, who after Modi should get Yogi to work.

Taking a dig at Rahul Gandhi, a user named NK Khaitan wrote, “Sometimes it is said that Modi is Hitler, does not listen to the opposition. Sometimes Gulati says that Modi accepted my suggestion. A wonderful game is going on in the country. Head I win, tail you lose.”


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