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Sunil Dutt refused to give the car to son Sanjay Dutt had said jis din kamaoge us din car mein baithana

Actor Sanjay Dutt had told during one of his interviews that father Sunil Dutt had refused to give him a car to go to college.

Bollywood’s well-known actor Sanjay Dutt has made a place in the industry with his tremendous acting and style. Today he is a successful actor and he has crores of assets. But do you know there was a time when he used to travel in local train and used to go to college by train. Despite being the son of a veteran actor, he lived a simple life and studied in college like an ordinary man’s son.

It is great that Sanjay Dutt is the son of Bollywood stars Nargis and Sunil Dutt, but despite this, he had to live like a middle class son. Actually Sunil Dutt has raised Sanjay by staying in a limited circle. At the same time, they were given only the resources which were necessary. Sanjay Dutt himself told during an interview that his father used to ask him to travel by train.

A few days back, Sanjay Dutt had told about his upbringing in the reality show ‘Super Dancer 4’. He said that his parents always wanted him and his sisters to be humble despite being the children of film stars. Sanjay Dutt further said that ‘Parents never gave a sense of supremacy to all three of us siblings. He taught us only one thing and that was to respect elders, even if they were our servants. At the same time, it was also taught to love children, respect elders and never let it come to our mind that we are Nargis-Sunil Dutt’s children.

Along with this, during the show, he also narrated an anecdote from his childhood. He recalled saying ‘college was the first day and before going to college I was thinking that dad would send me a car to drop me off to college. But he called me over to him and gave me a second class train pass starting from Bandra station to go to college. At the same time, when I asked him for a car, he told me ‘the day you start earning, sit in the car’.

Along with this, Sanjay Dutt further told that ‘He gave the pass in my hands and said take an auto or cab and go to Bandra station. The actor further said, ‘I used to go from Bandra station to Churchgate. I studied at Elphinstone College so I used to walk from Churchgate station to Elphinstone’. He ended his talk and said, ‘These sanskars have been given to us’.

Talking about Sanjay Dutt’s career, he made his Bollywood debut with the 1981 film Rocky. At the same time, he has been seen in more than 187 films so far. Not only this, a biopic has also been made on Sanjay Dutt, whose name is ‘Sanju’. The character of Sanjay Dutt was played by Ranveer Kapoor in this film.


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