Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Shayar Akbar Allahabadis name was changed to Akbar Prayagraj Kumar Vishwas taunted and Owaisi raged on CM Yogi

Akbar Allahabadi was renamed as Akbar Prayagraj. After which Kumar Vishwas has raised objection by tweeting.

In Uttar Pradesh, the Yogi Adityanath government changed the names of all the cities and districts. Including Allahabad. The UP government had changed the name of Allahabad district to Prayagraj. Now the Higher Education Department of UP has added Prayagraji instead of the word Allahabadi in the names of many famous poets who belong to the city. In which the famous poet Akbar Allahabadi is also included. His name Akbar Prayagraj appeared on the website of the Higher Education Department. The department says that someone hacked the site and did this mischief. On the other hand, people are giving strong reactions on social media.

Apart from the name of Akbar Allahabadi, the names of Tegh Allahabadi and Rashid Allahabadi have also been changed to Prayagraj. Poet Kumar Vishwas has made a tweet on his Twitter handle objecting to the change of names of famous poets. He wrote, ‘Teach us what to do if we sent it to the world, it is taught that in such an era, we have found birth, Kabiro Galibo Meeran O Meero Ho Gaye Rukhsat, the measurement of songs-sur-ghazals is based on samples..!’

On the other hand, AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi has also taunted the Yogi government. Owaisi wrote in the tweet, ‘Shahar kya shayar kya?! Baba is changing everyone’s name in Uttar Pradesh. Akbar Allahabadi’s name has been changed to Prayagraji, hope there will be no such insult to ‘Firaq Gorakhpuri’! This is a strange situation, it is strange that if you do not stay here, then you should not live anywhere.

Senior journalist and poet Alok Srivastava writes ‘After Akbar Prayagraj, now uncle Ghalib will become an ‘effective uncle’. Ghalib’s Hindi is effective. Face with tears of joy and his words will be read like this~ The aura on the face that comes from his arrival, they understand that the condition of the patient is good ~ Effective uncle’.

Journalist Sakshi Joshi wrote, ‘The miracle scene of 3 Idiots was literally replaced by REPLACE ALL where Allahabad was located, and the result is that Akbar became Allahabadi, Akbar Prayagraj and along with Rashid Prayagraj and Tegh Prayagraj. ‘

Former IPS Vijay Shankar Singh wrote, ‘UP Education Commission not only made Akbar Allahabadi as Prayagraji, but also changed the name of other Urdu poets Teg Allahabadi and Rashid Allahabadi to Prayagraji and said that those poets were born And education has also happened in Prayagraj! It seems, now the government will decide the person’s name too!’

The former IPS further quipped and wrote, ‘Leave literature forget your history and go to school after reasoning with Shaikh-o-Masjid, it is a four-day life, eat double roti clerk and flower happily. Go. This is the Kalam of the poet Akbar Allahabadi, who was changed from Allahabadi to Prayagraj by the UP Higher Education Commission….


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