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Shatrughan sinha and his family members complaint in ed entpks

New Delhi. A person named Sandeep Dadhe has sent his complaint against Bollywood film star Shatrughan Sinha and his wife Poonam Sinha and his son Kush Sinha to the Enforcement Directorate (ED). An application has been made to investigate. In fact, according to the written allegation given by the complainant Sandeep Dabhadhe, a resident of Vagoli area in Pune, this case is related to one hectare of land, which is alleged to be misrepresented by Shatrughan Sinha and his family members.

In this case, according to a senior source of ED headquarters, this complaint will be fully investigated by the investigating agency ED’s investigation team whether it is really the case under the Money Laundering Act i.e. PMLA. comes or not? Only after that if this case comes under that Act, then only this case will be taken over, otherwise that case will not be registered by the ED.

What is the allegation of forgery related to land against Shatrughan Sinha?
According to the sources of the investigating agency, this matter is currently related to the local police station. In the complaint given to the police and ED, the complainant Sandeep Dabhadhe, living in Haveli tehsil of Vakoli, has mentioned that – in the name of his deceased father, about one hectare of land worth crores of rupees has been given. Shatrughan Sinha And efforts have been made by his family members to show themselves, which they were also trying to sell. This property was in the name of Sandeep’s father Gorakh Dabadhe, which is now being told by the Sinha family that it was given to them by his father in the year 2002.

Sandeep’s father died in 2007
In the year 2007, Sandeep’s father died. Therefore, only Sandeep has the right on this property. Therefore, in view of this matter, the local court has now reached the door of the investigating agency, but on the basis of initial inputs, it seems that this case is not made of ED, so how can the investigating agency formally take up this matter? Lets see, it will be necessary to see, soon ED can give a formal answer on this matter.

Waiting for Shatrughan Sinha’s statement
The way the filmstar Shatrughan Sinha and his family have been accused in this case, there has been no formal statement or denial from their side at the moment, which is also awaited, but according to the investigation report of the local police in this case. Only after that the Central Investigation Agency will take further action, so it will be imperative to see at what point the investigation of the local police will go.

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