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Ritesh Pandey-Richa Dixit romancing in the fields by saying ‘Titli Sa Mann Bhaage’

Story Highlights

  • There is peace in the busy life
  • The chemistry of Bhojpuri stars is tremendous

These days Ritesh Pandey and Richa Dixit are in the headlines for their upcoming film ‘Mahavar’. The ‘Titli Sa Mann Bhage’ of the film has been released. Which has become popular among the fans as soon as it is released. After reading this, the question must be coming in mind that why? So come on, what’s the big deal in this? Let us also talk about the specialty of Ritesh Pandey’s new song.

What’s special about the song?
The song ‘Titli Sa Man Bhage’ from the film ‘Mahawar’ is special in many ways, not one. First thing is the tremendous chemistry of Ritesh Pandey and Richa Dixit is being seen in this. Secondly, the lyrics of the song ‘Titli Sa Mann Bhage’ are very good. Simply put, the lyrics of the song seem to have a deep impact on your heart.

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Apart from this, the location has been chosen right for the shooting of the song. Watching Ritesh Pandey and Richa Dixit’s romance amidst the fields reminds you of the movie ‘Pushpa’. On one hand, where Ritesh Pandey is seen in a desi style wearing a gamcha. On the other hand, the simplicity of Richa in the salwar suit is heart-wrenching. Apart from this, Bhojpuri dances of both the stars have captivated the mind.

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‘Titli Sa Mann Bhage’ is one such song, which gives you peace in the run-of-the-mill life. The singer of this song is Ritesh Pandey and Priyanka Singh. In the song, both the singers were seen shattering the magic of their voice. Its lyrics were written by Ajit Mandal, which is commendable. And the music is by Om Jha. Are you a fan of Bhojpuri music or not? But once you hear this song, you will become a fan.


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