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Rashmi Desai wept bitterly for Umar Riaz, mother told ‘what is this relationship called’ – Rashami Desai mother reaction on her friendship with umar riaz tmov

Story Highlights

  • Rashmi’s tears spilled for Umar
  • Mother’s reaction on Omar-Rashmi’s friendship
  • What does Rashmi’s mother think about Umar?

In every season of Bigg Boss, there is some contestant who comes, is single but comes out of the house after mingling. In this season too, there is a lot of discussion about the two couples. Karan Kundrra and Tejashwi Prakash reunited earlier this season. After this, the friendship of Rashmi Desai and Umar Riaz won everyone’s heart in the show. In the Bigg Boss house, Umar and Rashmi were seen expressing their feelings on camera many times. At the same time, Rashmi’s mother has given her opinion on the relationship between the two.

Rashmi’s mother thinks about Umar
Rashmi Desai entered Bigg Boss 15 as a wild card contestant. Being the brother of Asim Riaz, Rashmi knew Umar from outside. After coming home, their friendship deepened. After this both of them told that they like each other. Whether it was love or attraction, he does not know. But yes, after Umar’s exit, Rashmi was seen crying bitterly.

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Every tear of Rashmi that came out for Umar was telling the depth of their relationship. That’s why there were discussions about the love of both of them outside. At the same time, the statement of Rashmi Desai’s mother came to the fore. Rashmi’s mother Rasila Desai says that ‘Rashmi Desai’s crying is proof of how much she values ​​friendship. But I know that she will make a comeback like a lioness and come out only after winning. In simple words, Rashmi’s mother has said that Umar and Rashmi are only good friends.

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Will Rashmi-Umar date each other?
Umar and Rashmi spent a lot of time with each other in the Bigg Boss house. Both were very clear about their feelings. Rashmi is also worried about Umar because it was because of her that there was a fight between Umar and Prateek. After which Umar had to go out. It is possible that Rashmi is also sad about this. That’s why she looked so upset.

Umar also came out and said that he considers Rashmi a good friend. It is clear from the words of both that as soon as they meet outside, they will definitely give a chance to their relationship. The rest will be whatever will be the will of the Lord. You tell, do you also want to see Umar and Rashmi’s friendship turn into love?


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