Thursday, January 27, 2022

Rakesh Tikait Epic Reply To Reporter As He Asks Do You Consider PM Modi As Your Prime Minister On ABP News

The reporter asked Rakesh Tikait whether he does not consider PM Modi as his Prime Minister? On this, the farmer leader gave a tremendous answer.

After the return of the agricultural laws, the peasants ended their agitation and returned to their homes. Bharatiya Kisan Union leader Rakesh Tikait also returned to his village Sisauli on 15 December after the end of the agitation. During the movement and even after the agitation, he did not leave any opportunity to attack the Modi government at the center and the Yogi government of the state. In this connection, an old interview of his is also making a lot of headlines, in which Rakesh Tikait was seen targeting Prime Minister Modi for Rs 15 lakh.

Actually, in an interview with Rakesh Tikait, the reporter had asked whether he considers Narendra Modi as his Prime Minister? The reporter had asked him, “The Prime Minister has announced that he is withdrawing the agricultural laws, so don’t you consider him as your prime minister?” Responding to this, farmer leader Rakesh Tikait had said, “We are to believe our prime minister.”

In response to this question Rakesh Tikait, the reporter himself also started questioning and referring to Rs 15 lakh asked, “Have you got Rs 15 lakh? The people of the country are there, they will give the answer on their own.” Apart from this, questions and answers were also made in connection with the election from Rakesh Tikait.

The reporter asked Rakesh Tikait, “BJP says you want to contest elections?” Responding to this, the farmer leader said, “We are not fighting elections. If elections are such a bad thing, why are they contesting themselves? If elections are so poisonous then why are they fighting then.” Let us inform that in other interviews Rakesh Tikait was also questioned on his role in the UP elections.

Rakesh Tikait had said about this, “When the 2022 elections come, we will tell everything. There is no use in doing so soon. We will speak the truth about everything. The works which the government has done and which were not done even after making promises. We will raise our voice regarding all these things.”


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