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Raj Kapoor Waheeda Rehman Story Actress Had To Sit On Him To Save Him From Crowd During Teesari Kasam Shooting

Waheeda Rehman had to sit on top of Raj Kapoor to save him. Not only this, the sister of the actress had even caught the feet of the show man.

Bollywood’s famous actor Raj Kapoor has made a tremendous identity in Hindi cinema with his films and his style. He is also known as ‘Show Man’ for his contribution to the film world. Raj Kapoor has also done two films in his career with actress Waheeda Rehman, which includes ‘Teesri Kasam’, ‘Ek Dil Sau Afsane’. Waheeda Rehman and Raj Kapoor were caught between the fans during the shooting of a film. In such a situation, Waheeda Rehman sat on top of him to save the showman.

This disclosure related to Raj Kapoor was made by Waheeda Rehman herself in an interview given to ‘The Telegraph’. Talking about Raj Kapoor, Waheeda Rehman had said, “We had to go to Bina for the shooting of the film and we were traveling in the train as there were no flights during that time. When the shooting was over, I, Raj ji, two of his friends, my sister, my hairdresser started coming to the station.”

Waheeda Rehman, while sharing the anecdote further said, “We sat in the train and it even started walking, but it was stopping again and again so we thought that there must be some technical fault. But when we looked outside, we saw a crowd of students there. They were shouting, ‘Get down, get down, we have to see.’ Then someone came to Raj ji and asked him to meet the student leader, so he also went to meet him.

Waheeda Rehman further elaborated on Bina’s incident, “The students told that the production team was constantly giving her the wrong address, due to which she was not able to go on the shoot of Teesri Kasam. He met Raj ji, but started demanding to meet me. Rajji refused, but he did not agree. They threatened that we would not allow the train to proceed beyond the station.”

Waheeda Rehman further said about this, “The situation got out of hand. Raj ji also came after closing the compartment door. But the crowd got angry and they started pelting stones on the train. Seeing all this, Raj ji started getting angry, he started going out to control the crowd, but we had to stop him. His friends also told that ladies take care of him.

Waheeda Rehman further said about Raj Kapoor, “To save him, I, Saeeda and my hairdresser made Raj ji sit on the seat, I sat on top of him and my sister held his feet. He had turned red like a tomato and was repeatedly saying let me go. It was all like a drama, but nothing less than a comedy.”


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