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Raj Kapoor Had Condition Before Karisma Kapoor To Step In Bollywood Actor Predicts That She Will Surely Become Actress

Karisma Kapoor had told in one of her interviews that her grandfather had already realized that she would become an actress.

Bollywood’s famous actress Karisma Kapoor has made a tremendous identity in Hindi cinema with her films and her style. Karisma Kapoor made her debut in Hindi cinema with the film ‘Prem Qaidi’ and after that she appeared in many hit films. Raj Kapoor, the grandfather of Karisma Kapoor, the show man of Bollywood, had already realized that his eldest granddaughter, Karishma, would become an actress. However, she had put a condition in front of her granddaughter to become an actress.

This was disclosed by Karisma Kapoor herself in an interview given to Leheron TV. Talking about this, Karisma Kapoor had said, “My entire family is full of actors and actresses. My father and his brother have also married the actress. If she can marry heroines then why can’t she work.” The actress told in her interview that people had a misconception that the daughter-in-law of the Kapoor family does not work in films.

Talking about her grandfather i.e. Raj Kapoor, Karisma Kapoor said, “He always knew that I would become an actress. I don’t know why everyone thought this way. Even my father used to encourage me a lot. He always used to tell me, never let the name of the Kapoor family come down.”

Recalling what Raj Kapoor had said, Karisma Kapoor had said, “He always used to tell me, ‘lolo baby, I know you will become an actress. But I want to tell you only one thing that if you become an actress then be the best. Otherwise don’t be at all.” Let us tell you that when Karisma Kapoor stepped into the film world, at that time she was only 17 years old.

In one of her interviews, Karisma Kapoor had also told the words said by Dada Raj Kapoor. When the actress decided to become an actor, her grandfather said, “It is glamorous, but it is not a bed decorated with roses. You have to work very hard.”


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