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Priyanka Chopra on baby planning: Priyanka Chopra spoke on the question of becoming a mother – not busy for practice – Priyanka Chopra Nick Jonas on baby planning actress respond tmov

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Global actress Priyanka Chopra gives fans all the updates related to her professional life. Often the same fans and followers question Priyanka about her personal life. The actress also prefers to answer them in her own way. Recently Priyanka was asked about starting a family with Nick Jonas. This is not the first time that Priyanka has been questioned about baby planning.

Priyanka replied
Priyanka Chopra married Nick Jonas in the year 2018. Priyanka says that baby is a big part of the future for her and husband Nick. Whenever he plans to take the family forward, he would prefer to move forward with his life a little slower. In a conversation with a Hollywood portal, Priyanka told that she will become a mother in the future, but whenever this happens, Priyanka also told about the changes she sees in her and Nick’s life.

At this time, both Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas are leading a very busy life. Responding to this question, the actress said boldly that we are not so busy with practice. In the year 2019, during the promotion of the film ‘Sky is Pink’, Priyanka Chopra was questioned about baby planning. On this the actress had said that yes, we are planning to take home first. After this baby planning will be done. He is very positive about both the things.

Priyanka Chopra-Nick Jonas’ new year, romantic poses in the middle of the sea

A few days ago, rumors of a rift in their relationship started flying due to Priyanka’s removal of Jonas from Instagram. It was being said that maybe both of them are going to get divorced, but Priyanka had made it clear that she removed the username so that her Twitter and Instagram usernames look the same. Said that I did not know that people would take this meaning out of it.


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