Wednesday, May 18, 2022

News Anchor Sushant Sinha Got Angry On BJP MP Janardan Mishra As He Justify 15 Lakh Bribe Said No Wonder

BJP MP Janardan Mishra has come under the target of people for making statements on bribery. Journalist Sushant Sinha also took a jibe at him by tweeting.

Bharatiya Janata Party’s Rewan MP Janardan Mishra has given a statement regarding corruption, due to which he has come under target of the people. In fact, he says that he does not consider a bribe of 15 lakhs as corruption. He said that if he asks for a bribe above 15 lakhs, only then come to us. Journalist Sushant Sinha also appeared furious on this statement of the BJP MP. While sharing the video of BJP MP Janardan Mishra, he took a jibe and wrote that it is not surprising that piles of pots are found from people’s homes.

While sharing the video of BJP MP Janardan Mishra, journalist Sushant Sinha wrote, “According to BJP MP Sahab asking for a bribe above 15 lakhs, then people come to him and at the same time MP Sahab is also justifying the bribe of 15 lakhs. . Not surprisingly, piles of notes are found in people’s homes in this country. It’s amazing.”

Social media users are also commenting a lot on this tweet of Sushant Sinha regarding BJP MP. A user named Swami took a jibe at Sushant Sinha for this tweet and wrote, “Pray to God that brother’s health is fine. When I saw the word ‘BJP’ from my brother’s Twitter handle, there was doubt in my mind, how did I ask the question today.

Responding to Sushant Sinha’s tweet, a user wrote, “Rewan is a MP from Madhya Pradesh. Such thinking should be removed with immediate effect.” A user named Rahul Kumar wrote, “Brother, this is not his first statement. These dignitaries to remain in the discussions have made such absurd statements many times in the past as well.”

Let us inform that BJP MP Janardan Mishra was seen saying in his video, “The sarpanch has invested seven lakhs in the election and won the election by investing five lakhs. Seven lakhs he needs for the next election and add some lakhs more. If someone is doing corruption in front of 15 lakhs then it is understandable.


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