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Netflix Playback 2021: Sonu Sood is the father of ‘Mimi’ child, this twist is funny

Story Highlights

  • Netflix made funny video
  • Sonu Sood becomes father of Mimi’s child
  • Nawazuddin seen in squid game

Netflix India has released a new video in which Bollywood stars have added entertainment to the hit projects of Hollywood. Nawazuddin Siddiqui is seen in Squid Game, and Shahnaz Gill is seen in Lucifer. Sonu Sood can also be seen in a funny twist. There are many funny parts in the video, out of which Kriti Sanon’s conversation between Mimi and Sonu Sood is quite funny.

Actually this scene is from Kriti Sanon’s film Mimi. In the scene, Kriti’s mother, seeing her pregnant condition, asks her who is the father of the child. Kriti points towards Pankaj Tripathi present in the film, but Sonu Sood gets stuck in this twist. Sonu Sood is shocked and says- ‘This is not my child. But its education, scholarship, EMI, car loan, home loan, mutual fund and vaccination is my responsibility. This dialogue of Sonu has been kept keeping in mind the image created in the lockdown.

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Shehnaz cried in Punjabi

In the video, Shahnaz Gill is also shown talking in Punjabi with Tom Ellis, actor of Hollywood’s hit show Lucifer. She says- ‘I kinna cried still, vote out the menu. Brother also said the same menu. In one scene, stand-up comedian Tanmay Bhatt is shown in the host scene of Money Heist, where he keeps on creating his blog.

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Nawazuddin in squid game

Nawazuddin Siddiqui has also been given a very funny twist. He appeared in the Dalgona Challenge scene of the squid game, where the actor asks the guard- ‘Doosra flavor milega kya, kesar pistachio, kala khatta anything.’ The actor has also been featured in the scene of the Hollywood movie Red Notice. It will be interesting to see what surprise Netflix is ​​finally bringing by combining all these together. Fans are quite excited for this Netflix Playback 2021 from now on.


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