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Lara Dutta supports Steve Harvey, explains why Miss Universe Harnaaz Sandhu made a cat’s voice? – lara dutta clarifies why miss universe harnaaz sandhu said meow on stage after steve harvey asked her to do so tmov

Story Highlights

  • Harnaaz Sandhu did ‘Meow’ on the international stage
  • Show host Steve Harvey was trolled
  • Lara Dutta told the reason for this

On 13 December 2021, Harnaz Kaur Sandhu of India gave the title of this beauty pageant back to the country after 21 years by wearing the crown of Miss Universe. From his coronation to Harnaaz’s costume performances, the videos went viral. In one of these videos, Harnaaz was seen making the sound of a cat on the international stage. After the arrival of this video, the host of the show Steve Harvey was trolled badly. Now former Miss Universe and actress Lara Dutta has explained the whole thing on this.

Why was the question of removing the cat’s voice from Harnaaz asked?

Lara Dutta said that a 15-page questionnaire is given to the contestants before entering the beauty pageant race. In this, different questions are asked from the contestants. Lara remembered his time and told that he had written in his questionnaire that he was trained in classical dance like Bharatnatyam and Kathak. On this he was asked to show some steps. But Lara said that dancing in the gown she is in would be disrespecting the art. Instead of dancing, he showed some postures of dance form. This round takes place when the top 16 are left in the competition. Such fun questions are asked to make the atmosphere light.

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In a conversation with Pinkvilla, Lara said- ‘It shows the funny aspect of your personality. Not every question is about saving the world. So at the time of Harnaaz, he also wrote that he likes to mimic the sound of animals, due to which he was asked to do it. That’s why Steve Harvey asked him this question.

Now the question arises whether Harnaz had written this in his questionnaire or not. This question was not intended to humiliate Harnaz or to ask any strange question to India. This was because if a situation like this suddenly comes in front of you then how do you react to it because life keeps testing you.

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Lara said these things in praise of Harnaaz

Lara further praised Harnaaz and said- ‘I think Harnaaz handled the situation very well. He didn’t give any deep thought that oh my god I have to mimic the cat, he just did it and had fun. I think there are many moments when we shouldn’t be so serious. Being Miss Universe or Miss World does not mean wearing a crown or being perfect. Be the way you are and Harnaaz is a wonderful girl. They don’t show off, they’re a little goofy, they don’t care about who and how they are. And I think the arrival of such people is refreshing.

Before Lara, Harnaaz had also given his opinion on this. He said that he was glad that Steve Harvey asked him this question.


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