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Know The Love Story Of Shilpa Shinde Why Shilpa Shinde Broke Up With Romiit Raaj

Shilpa Shinde Romiit Raaj Relationship: Shilpa Shinde is not an unknown name today. Although Shilpa Shinde spent many years in the industry and did a lot of work during this time, but she had never got the recognition she got from Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain. Shilpa Shinde worked for only a year in this show, after that she had said goodbye to the show, but the popularity she gained by playing a strong character is really commendable. She played the unique character of Angoori Bhabi in the show and made this role iconic.

Apart from this character, Shilpa Shinde was also in a lot of discussion about her love life. The reason for this was their incomplete relationship. Actually, Shilpa Shinde was dating her costar Romit Raaj. Both dated each other for a long time and then decided to get married. But he broke this relationship a few days before the wedding. Which was quite surprising.

got engaged in 2009
Both Shilpa Shinde and Romit Raj were very serious about their relationship. After the consent of the family, both of them got engaged in 2009 and preparations for marriage were going on in both of their homes. According to media reports, even the wedding cards of both of them were divided and Shilpa was about to make Mehndi in the name of Romit in her hands, but before that, there was a crack in their relationship and Shilpa Shinde herself broke this marriage.

It is said that at that time neither of them said anything on this broken relationship, but years later, Shilpa while talking about it in an interview said that Romit had insulted her family, due to which she ended this relationship. Better to break it. By the way, let us tell you that after the breakup of this relationship, Shilpa has not married till date. At present, she has also said goodbye to acting.

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