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Kapil Sharma has also become the target of Rahul Gandhi’s fans, told the story – kapil sharma says he got abusive comments from rahul gandhi fans over facebook video tmov

Story Highlights

  • Kapil had posted the video
  • Rahul Gandhi’s fans lashed out

Kapil Sharma is busy making a splash with his Netflix special I’m Not Done Yet. Kapil’s show is streamed on Netflix on 28 January. In this show, Kapil has talked about every aspect of his life. Along with this, he also joked about his controversies. Kapil spoke on the controversy with his tweet. Also told how he has also been abused by the fans of Rahul Gandhi.

Rahul Gandhi’s fans had heard it very well

Kapil says, ‘In 2014, when two big candidates were fighting for the prime ministerial elections. In such a situation, a candidate took my name in a rally. I will not name his name as he is still the Prime Minister. He had said in a rally that Rahul Gandhi does so much comedy that Kapil Sharma’s show is going to be closed. I don’t understand politics. So I picked up that clip and put it on Facebook. After this I came to know that the fan following of Rahul Gandhi is also not less. I was abused not only in Hindi but also in Italian. I thought let’s eat it. They also eat pasta.

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Kapil was trapped by tweeting about Modi

Kapil Sharma also came into controversies by tweeting Prime Minister Modi. On this, Kapil told that he was drinking alcohol sitting in his house. Kapil started tweeting on different things as soon as alcohol started climbing him. For some time, Kapil’s cook also started drinking while sitting with him. Drunk Kapil Sharma did a tweet tagging PM Modi. After that he fell asleep. After breaking sleep in the middle of the night, Kapil wrote another tweet. The controversy that started after this is known to all.


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