Saturday, January 29, 2022

Kamaal Rashid Khan Slams PM Narendra Modi As BJP Workers Seens Around His Car Actor Said He Dont Trust Own Workers Video Viral

Actor Kamal Rashid Khan has taunted by sharing a video related to Prime Minister Modi’s convoy. In this video, BJP workers were seen near his convoy.

The Congress-led government in Punjab has remained on target for the security lapse of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Many others, including the BJP, have also constantly stayed home to the Congress on the matter of the Prime Minister’s convoy getting stuck on the flyover. However, the other side is calling it a political stunt. Recently, Bollywood’s famous actor Kamal Rashid Khan also tweeted about the matter. He shared a video related to the convoy, in which people were seen shouting slogans in support of PM Modi, holding the BJP flag in their hands.

Kamal Rashid Khan shared this video with his Twitter handle. Targeting Prime Minister Modi and BJP workers, he wrote, “You see for yourself, only BJP people are near Modi ji’s car. Modi ji is still scared. Meaning they have no faith in BJP workers as well.”

Kamal Rashid Khan further wrote in his tweet, “If there is really a lapse in the security of PM Modi, then all these BJP workers should be arrested.” These tweets of Kamal Rashid Khan made on Prime Minister Narendra Modi are making a lot of headlines on social media, as well as users are also giving their reactions fiercely on it.

Responding to Kamal Rashid Khan’s tweet, a user wrote, “Kasab also came with a garland around his neck during the Mumbai attack. Indira was killed by her bodyguard. Which was appointed by the Congress itself.” In response to Kamal Rashid Khan’s tweet, a user named Urvish Natwarlal wrote, “So will you bring Pakistan’s flag? Did Ravana go as Ravana, he too had gone as a sage.

Let us inform that Kamal Rashid Khan had made another tweet taunting Prime Minister Modi. In his tweet, he wrote, “The Canadian Prime Minister goes to the people and talks with them. The rulers of the UAE walk the streets with the people without any fear. But Saheb is afraid of his own people even with Z security in the car at a distance of one kilometer. Are you so afraid of those whom you rule? Wonderful.”


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