Sunday, January 23, 2022

Filmmaker Ashok Pandit furious over stampede in Congress marathon said Congressmen do not even spare children in election season

Filmmaker Ashok Pandit has made a tweet on the Twitter handle regarding the stampede during the marathon held in Bareilly as part of Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi’s Ladki Hoon-Laid Hoon campaign.

Filmmaker Ashok Pandit is seen openly speaking on social media every day. Ashok Pandit, through his post, also raises many questions related to the situation of the government and the country. Now he has tweeted about the stampede during the marathon held in Bareilly under Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi’s ‘Girl Hoon – Lad Sakti Hoon’ campaign.

Actually, the assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh are going to be held in 2022, for which all the political parties have started preparations. Meanwhile, on Monday, Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi had organized a marathon at 10 am in the grounds of Bareilly Bishop Mandal Inter College as part of the ‘Girl Hoon – Lad Sakti Hoon’ campaign. During which there was a stampede. As soon as the marathon started, the girls running ahead were pushed from behind and they fell. Later, the girls running from behind climbed on them, after which many girls were buried and injured.

Filmmaker Ashok Pandit has raised questions on this marathon of Congress. He has made a tweet sharing the video of this stampede. In this tweet, he has written, ‘This is the stampede that took place during Priyanka Gandhi’s ‘Girl hoon, laden sakti hoon’ in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh. Congressmen do not spare even children during elections. Madam should apologize to these little kids.

Many girls were injured in this stampede. Three of these participants were also taken to the hospital. At the same time, Congress leader and former Mayor Supriya Aron said on this stampede in the marathon that ‘If a stampede can happen in Vaishno Devi, then it was only a crowd of girls. I apologize for this. This could also be a conspiracy. This can also be a conspiracy regarding the growing support base of the Congress.

Apart from this, recently senior lawyer and politician Mahesh Jethmalani had made a tweet. In which he said, ‘No wonder Rahul and Khurshid are the only ones for China’s amateur propaganda on Galvan. Their hatred for the PM is so pathological that they will support the Chinese devil and parrot his anti-national forgery, ignoring the military’s categorical denial of the claim.’ Retweeting this tweet of his, Ashok Pandit has written, ‘Chor chor mausare bhai hota hai sir’. They keep holding secret meetings’.


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