Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Ex IAS Surya Pratap Singh Taunted CM Yogi Adityanath For Postponing UP Election Said People Will Defeat Them

Former IAS Surya Pratap Singh targeted Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath’s government for postponing the elections and said that the people would defeat him.

The Allahabad High Court appealed to Prime Minister Modi and the Election Commissioner to postpone the UP assembly elections for some time due to the increasing cases of Omicron. The High Court also ordered political parties not to gather crowds to avoid the third wave of Corona. The High Court said that the Prime Minister should consider postponing the election, as lakhs of people will participate in it. Now former IAS Surya Pratap Singh has taken a dig at the Yogi government of the state regarding this matter.

Former IAS Surya Pratap Singh took a jibe at CM Yogi’s government and wrote, “By the grace of High Court and Corona, Yogi government wants to hold elections under President’s rule. The public will give an answer to this government’s wily tactics, defeating the Yogi government with a bigger margin. Disease, rising unemployment and starvation will remove the Yogi government in one stroke.

Due to this tweet made on Yogi Sarkar, former IAS Surya Pratap Singh has come under target of people, as well as social media users are also commenting fiercely on it. A user named Surya Dev Singh, replying to the former IAS’s tweet, wrote, “Baba has sensed defeat. When there was an outcry in the state, he was giving a speech in Calcutta, today there is no case in the state, so he is seeing corona curfew.

Responding to the tweet of former IAS Surya Pratap Singh, a user named Aman Chaudhary wrote, “Lal Inquilab will happen, unemployed youth, farmer, labourer, Dalit, messiah of backward Akhilesh Yadav will form the government with the blessings of the people.” A user named Mukveer wrote, “Corona will rally throughout the day, curfew in the night, when the disease increases, the government will leave everyone to die by locking down.”

A user named Pradeep Kumar wrote in response to Surya Pratap Singh’s tweet, “The public will not allow the ploy to regain power under the guise of Corona by conspiring because of defeat. The government will change, the government will definitely change. No one can stop.”


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