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Don’t Look Up Movie Review: Best satir on the cocktail of media, social media and politics – don’t look up movie review leonarod dicaprio jennifer lawrence sattire movie tmov

Story Highlights

  • The story presenting a picture of the current situation
  • The film is a sharp satire full of comedy
Film:Don’t Look Up
  • Artist : Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep, Jonah Hill, Rob Morgan
  • the director :Adam Mckay

Kate DiBiaski (Jennifer Lawrence), a PhD student at Michigan State University, gazes at the sky with a very large telescope. This is part of his studies. She is working under the supervision of astronomer Dr Randall Mindy (Leonardo DiCaprio). One day he comes to know that a huge meteorite is moving towards the earth. how big? The bigger Mount Everest is, the bigger it is.

Since it was a matter of science, Kate and Mindy also found out together that in how many days and in how many minutes it would hit the earth. It was estimated that as soon as it collided with the earth, the earth would be destroyed and the entire human race would be wiped out. It is the responsibility of both of them to alert the world. They do not steal from this responsibility and that sarfudowval which becomes the story of this film ‘Don’t Look Up’.

film related to reality

This film by director Adam McCoy presents a picture of the current situation. The film may be dealing with the destruction of the world and the end of humans, but there is a lot of comedy in it. And this is what makes this film very dark. On the poster of ‘Don’t Look Up’ you see written – Based on truly possible events. And this is really true. If all these events (or such incidents) have not happened now, then very soon they will be seen to happen.

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‘Don’t Look Up’ is a dark satire in which Adam McKay and journalist David Sirota (both of the film’s writers) take a jibe at the current media-social media-journalism-politics cocktail. Apart from DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence, the film also stars actress Meryl Streep, who has been nominated for an Academy Award for a record 21 times. Merrill plays US President Jenny Orlean who starts the ‘Don’t Look Up’ movement. According to the story of the film, the US President is going through a very bad phase and in order to save himself, save his power, he seems to make every effort to make full use of this disaster.

How is politics taken advantage of?

The ‘Don’t Look Up’ movement is his brainchild, which is heavily supported by his Chief of Staff Jason Orlean (Jonah Hill’s character). In fact, the President’s Chief of Staff is his son. It is possible (?) that this angle has been taken by Adam McCoy from the tenure of former President Donald Trump where Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner, without any prior political experience, became an adviser to President Trump and was also entrusted with huge responsibilities of Gulf countries.

The whole film tries to show this one thing that how the human group standing at the end of the end becomes a victim of the mess around that danger. The handful of people who started this mess and gave it a concrete shape, who have the right access and money power, are engaged in earning maximum profits in their respective fields. And throughout this program, with each passing minute, the whole world is getting closer to that final full stop. While a phone maker is covetous of all the metals present in that meteorite (which he says to take the country ahead of China, using it in the national interest), the President plans to make a veteran right-wing retired soldier a symbolic hero. Organized and tries to wash off all the stains on her reputation.

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In this program, things like keeping the national interest paramount are attached and we Hindi-speaking people sitting tens of thousands of kilometers away feel completely connected to it. The slogan of ‘Don’t Look Up’ is given in this program, which is the motto of this film, which contains a lot inside itself. Journalism, social media journalism and blog culture and its impact have also been shown well in the film. To be reminded again here that the film’s writer, David Sirota, is a journalist himself (and a columnist for The Guardian, who described the film as a ‘disaster’).

How was the acting?

Leonardo DiCaprio has struck a chord in the role of a scientist struggling with nervousness. In so many scenes, he is engaged in terrible converging and nowhere does the matter seem to be loosening. Jennifer Lawrence as Kate DiBiaski, a fuzzy PhD student with a non-trendy look, a cannabis-drinker, when she bursts onto the screen with anger, that frustration appears to be true, and that’s where she gets all the numbers. Meryl Streep is Meryl Streep, she should be released. (It shows my bias, but will work). Jonah Hill has got the role according to his health and he seems to be fit. You want them to be more visible on the screen. Moneyball’s General Peter Brandt reached the Wolf of Wall Street via 21 Jump Street and has become the President’s son from there. Jonah Hill has no match in terms of timing. The film is a montage of brilliant actors in which no one will know about nineteen.

Adam McKay, known for his black comedy, has raised his bar one level higher. The journey started with Anchorman Vice and now on to ‘Don’t Look Up’ and he continues to hit one great injury after another.

If you spend time on social media with eyes-no-ears open, understand the ‘content’ of the media and keep an eye on the political scene, then you will find yourself in every character, equation and sequence in this film. Will be connected. In so many places, one would like to beat his head due to the stupidity of the characters, their words, their deeds, but you will find that this film is actually based on possible true events. ‘Don’t Look Up’ has taken a jibe at the filmy-glamor world and is making a good, solid statement.


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